2Pcs RFID Blocking Card, Fuss-free Protection for Entire Wallet Shield, Credit Card Protector NFC Bank Debit Blocker, Upgraded Identity Theft Prevention for Travel Passport Holder(Ver. 2)

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Manufacturer Description

---ULTRASHANG 2 X RFID & NFC Blocking Cards---

Thoughtful Gifts for Families and Friends
Stop Electronic Pick-pocketing, Provide Yourself with Extra Peace of Mind

Why Do You Need A RFID & NFC Blocking Card?
A BBC report recently showed how thieves can walk through a shopping centre and gather contactless credit card details from over 50 cards
in less than 20 minutes simply by walking up close to people with a scanner. Credit & Debit Card fraud has risen over 31% due to wireless theft in recently years.
Protect your money, identity and information safe: ULTRASHANG RFID/NFC Signal Blocking Card. 

How Does it Work? 
The RFID Blocking Card is the same size as a standard credit card and 1.2mm thick with built-in internal circuitry.
The RFID Blocking Card works by drawing power from the scanner, and emitting a counter-signal to jam the communication. This protects
the surrounding cards within a 5cm radius. It can stop transmissions of personal information e.g. financial information, your name, date
of birth, account number being read by a remote RFID device.

How to Test It Works...
There are several ways to check if your card works just in case you want to be sure. The easiest way is at a self checkout at a local supermarket.
When you go to pay, put the RFID blocking card on your contactless card and bring them close to the contactless card reader.
You will find that the card cannot be read.
This prove it confuses the scanner and work in treat.

What does The Ultrashang Card signal blocker work with? 
The contactless card Works on 13.56MHz frequency. This includes, but is not limited to:
--Debit Cards
--Credit Cards
--Driver`s License
--Identification Cards

Packaging Details
-- 2 Pcs RFID/NFC Blocking Card (Beautifully Packaged)

Product Features

DON'T BE A VICTIM OF CONTACTLESS FRAUD, MORE ADVANCED PROTECTION THAN RFID SLEEVES - Say goodbye to a stack of bulky and fiddly card sleeves, the simplest identity and financial information theft prevention solution. Just insert into your own wallet or passport holder, to become protected within a second. And save buying a new RFID Blocking Wallet BREADTHOUTH JAMMING TECH, KEEP YOUR PRIVACY & FINANCIAL INFO SAFE - A vital addition to anyone in nowadays. The blocking card adopts LASTEST 13.56MHz electronic blocking technology, when upon scanning, it will draw energy from the reader and emit an interferential signal to jam the transaction or hack. It creates a 6cm radius field, prevent skimming from your contactless device, so all your money and privacy info of bank cards, passport, driver license are safety SLIM & COMPACT - It's the size of a credit card and very thin. You don't even realize it's there. Easily slip it into your wallet card slot for great convenience. No fiddly and fuss-free sleeves HOW DO I KNOW IF IT WORKS - The easiest way is at a self checkout at a supermarket. When you go to pay, place this card on top (or bottom) of your payment card and place on the contactless reader. The terminal will usually then throw an error message. PLEASE NOTE: MOST INSTITUTIONAL ACCESS CARDS AND DEVICES OPERATE ON OTHER FREQUENCIES?100-125KHz?, SO OUR RFID CARD CANNOT PROTECT THEM GIFTS FOR MOM, FAMILY & FRIENDS- Innovative, smart technology, elegant packaging, an ideal gift, provides extra peace of mind to our family and friends